cakolosal 5000

Wuih…ini acaranya memang manteb abis, beruntung saya bisa hadir disana,walau pun awalnya sudah males mau kesana… karcisnya mahal diatas 250 ribu…ach tapi kalo abis nonton pertandingan Persebaya kayaknya sih mendingan berangkat aja (biasanya sih di republik ini apa saja bisa terjadi sapa tahu karcisnya turun jadi 5 ribu…or the worst case is ‘bonek’ phenomena…) so I grab my D50 rush to Tanah Lot…aduh ini jalan sepanjang menuju Tanah Lot kok rusak semua…?!

Nah ini ada foto-foto cakolosal saya yang ancur…gelap semua !!! (maklum amateur…)
Artistic stage dance the spektakuler is performed in Tanah Lot , Tabanan, Bali. As much 5.000 dancer will show the dance cak.

This represent the event the first time whereabout dance the cak show colossally. colossal staging Dramatari cak 5.000 dancer to be performed [in] background of jaba of Gate of Tanah Lot Kediri, Tabanan, Friday ( 29 / 9) the is not ordinary artistry staging. performance. Spektakuler to enter the Muri ( Museum of Indonesia) records , will present three show. Early with the environmental dance staging, continued by colossal dramatari cak act the Kumbakarna and Rahwana Lina, terminated with the dance of Deity devoting Go out to sea the. Artistic Performance.

The dramatari take the act of epic Ramayana which durated about one hours, its execution time use the sunset directive. Radian dance started before sunset, while dance of Kumbakarna and Rahwana Lina performed snugly sun moment sink the ( sandikala). On the contrary, dance the Deity devoting Go out to sea to take the time after sun sink . Opener dance in the form of environmental dance ( environment dance) background that Tabanan known as by a agrarian area or agriculture, what seyogianya improve the environmental settlement, like reboisasi, conservancy, and environmental keamaman. Environmental dance express, how all farmer so motivated to plant the paddy, pohon-pohonan, and chase the bird of paddy pest in rice field. Also, depicting besotted farmer do the farm with the equipments and way of traditional, till develop the ability hence modern technology and appliance. [At] this scene is brought by a traditional music equipments like kulkul ( kentongan) and tek-tekan, containing of pancanada as gamelan yielding harmony voice nice enough. ” environmental dance Staging moment of waiting, there is dancer procession bring the tek-tekan and kentongan.”


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