Festival & Performances Throughout the year

Besides the numerous destinations available around the island, Bali is well known for its cultural festivals and performances it is almost celebrations for everything A whole series of religious rites and festivals guide the Balinese from birth to death and into the after world.

Balinese Kid Wear Dance Mask

As you driving down Bali roads you can easly see ceremonies, just parking your car and observing the local celebrations from a respectful distance.

Visitors are generally welcome if properly attired in temple scarf and sarong. Dance is at the very centre of Balinese life you can see dance live performance at temples to dance rehearsal at local dance troupe with such musical names as Gong Kebyar, Panyembrama, Baris, Rejang ,there are over 200 dances some of them are combination of drama, poetry, opera & song.

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