Omed-Omed Traditonal Unique Banjar kaja Sesetan This time i have the change to see for my self “A kissing standing for friendship” ritual from The Banjar Kaja in south Denpasar, it’s fun and wet!

Youngsters of Bajar Kaja, Sesetan seem impatient to wait for the Ngembak Nyepi feast day. Its atmosphere looks slightly different as it would organize the meomed-omedan (mutual pulling) games.
Head of Kaja Banjar Customary Village, Wayan Sunarya, said that meomed-omedan is a kind of mutual pulling, then develop into embracing and accompanied by kissing the cheek. “It’s a kissing standing for friendship and family atmosphere. However, undeniably, this games could lead to matchmaking,” Sunarya said while confessing that he himself found his wife through a similar event.
If the players have embraced one another, he added, they would be poured by water so that they are not getting over-heated. In addition, it also aims at making it slippery so their embracing easily sets free. Meomed-omedan for this year was held on Tuesday (20 March 2007) at 15.00 to 17.00 in front of the village hall of Kaja Hamlet, precisely on Jalan Raya Sesetan, South Denpasar.
Participants of this attraction encompass the youngsters from the
Banjar Kaja , Sesetan. Number of participants is not limited. Formerly, the players only put on a simple costume, much depending on the favour of its community. Today, the players wear clothes provided by sponsors. “This attraction is appealing and unique. Probably, it’s the one and only in Bali and Indonesia,” he revealed.
This games draws abundant crowds at all times. Other than local dwellers, it is also watched by other Balinese people and even its players get great support from foreigners.
Sunarya told the history of this omed-omedan tradition originating in the fact that Sesetan was ruled by the kingdom administration of “Puri Oka”. Once upon a time, there was sad news saying the king fell sick and he was incurable for so long. Many healers have lent their hand, but he remained unable to wake up. One day, on the Nyepi feast day where the Hindus in Bali performed the four abstinences of catur bratha penyepian (the absence of eating, speaking and leaving home) the villagers of Kaja Hamlet happened to go out together.
They gathered at the Bencingah, right in front of the royal palace. They played the omed-omedan games. As many people got involved, the atmosphere was getting more crowded, so it was then heard by the king who was still sick. Within weak condition, the king went out and scolded them as making the crowd. Probably, due to his forceful shout, it then gave him new energy that the sickness he suffered from gradually recovered. Feeling amazed, the king ordered his people to keep on playing that omed-omedan games.
During the colonial administration, without obvious reason, such omed-omedan game was discontinued. However, a peculiar incident then appeared, namely two pigs fought each other at the place where such omed-omedan was usually carried out. Thenceforth, the omed-omedan came again into action up to these days.

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