Via Dolorosa tableau – Denpasar

via dolorosa baliExcellent tableau of via dolorosa in Cathedral Roh Kudus Denpasar on Friday Morning (4/6/07), performed mostly by youth (MUDIKA) …Bravo Guys..!
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(“The Way of Sorrows”)

as Presented by Holy Trinity Catholic Church – Denpasar, Bali

1. Pontius Pilate washes his hands and condemns Jesus to death

2. A crown of thorns is placed on Jesus’ head

3. Jesus falls the first time, carrying the cross

4. Jesus is comforted by Mary

5. A bystander, Simon, is forced to help carry the cross

6. Another bystander, Veronica, wipes Jesus’ face with her veil

7. Jesus falls the second time

8. Women and children run forward to Jesus, weeping

9. Jesus falls the third time and is beaten

10. Soldiers strip Jesus of his garments

11. Jesus is nailed to the cross

12. Jesus is dying on the cross

13. Jesus’ body is removed from the cross and wrapped in burial cloths

14. The cross is empty