Word Press 2.2 released

I love this open source blog script ! yesterday i mananged to upgrade my WordPress and If you must updated your wordpress – please always back up your install and your database first.

When a developer says they’ve added “We now protect you from activating a plugin or editing a file that will break your blog” it could mean that something you have now, that works just great for you- may not work the moment you upgrade.

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Extra tools for WordPress 2.1 editor

It is always interesting to see how WordPress developer makes improvement on their editor, i recently upgrade my WordPress to 2.13 and find by pressing alt-shift-v you can extend your Tiny MCE editor


PC usersjust hit alt-shift-v (Firefox) or alt-v (IE) to toggle it. Mac users– use cntrl-v (Firefox)

(Not seeing either of those? Visit Users → Your Profile and make sure that “Use the visual editor when writing” is checked. Still having problems? Visit the WordPress support forums.)

Pasting from word processors just became a whole lot easier. Two of the new buttons are “Paste as Plain Text” and “Paste from Word.” Nice for those who use such things. I like the custom character thing too. Now I can easily add ∞ whenever I need it…

Search Engine Optimization

Banging my head because of my clients complaining about their web rank in seaerch engine this article by karl glantschnig , helping me to take one or more reasons to give to my client.

One can only be sure about anything if one has all the facts about it. That is why this article tries to provide you with all the details about SEO.

If you enjoy SEO, you are sure to enjoy this article for the content it contains. Every effort has been taken to provide you with quality content which might be useful to you.
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