Web Design – Get Started

The do’s and don’t’s in web designing; its very basic skill tips

Keep it Simple and Clean
Either use CSS or tabled to layout your page keep them align properly if you design a website with search engine in mind. Not to many pages and use template for safer design. CMS or Blog Script equipped with template ready.

Not To many Fonts… Please
Use max 3 kinds of font face size 10 – 14 points, just use diffrent font style (Italic,bold,Oblique) for instance to emphasize keyword. Use a font that is available on all computers avoiding messed up your design.

Keep index page Short )
Short Homepage/Index Page, we can always make our web design in several pages, Filling your frontpage with all the contents will make a viewer confuse.

Easy Menu/Navigation
Creating a simple and easy navigation will make visitor stay longer. using short ,clear and right words will also help your visitor know your content of page they click. Place your menu on top, left or right side of your website. You can also use a dropdown menu if you have many links.

Cross Browser Compatibility
There are many browser in the internet (IE,Firefox,Opera,Netscape), make sure your design are compatible with those major browser, install them all in your computer for testing purposes.

The English is bad but i hope you understand.