Kuta Karnival 2007 Photos

Come in late to Kuta Karnival road entry to the Kuta beach are all closed , manage to shoot few snaps, i know i should come earlier i miss a lot of good view but it’s okay i’ll make sure to come early next year.
[photopress:DSC_0039.jpg,thumb,pp_empty] [photopress:DSC_0036.jpg,thumb,pp_empty] [photopress:DSC_0111_1.jpg,thumb,pp_empty] [photopress:kk_007.jpg,thumb,pp_empty]

[photopress:DSC_0113_1.jpg,thumb,pp_empty] [photopress:DSC_0137_1.jpg,thumb,pp_empty] [photopress:kk07_0049.jpg,thumb,pp_empty]

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