SEO suggestion

Do these suggestions make sense to you?

  • Don’t repeat multiple times the same word in the title.
  • The title of the page is the most important ranking criteria for search engines. Take care to build good titles to be well ranked, it’s very important!
  • Don’t create titles entirely in uppercase letters.
  • You can code accentuated letters in HTML (é = é).
  • Your page title must be 7 to 10 words long and must contain important and descriptive words for your activity.
  • Avoid titles like: “Homepage”, “Welcome on our web site”. They don’t describe your activity and what the end user will find in your pages.
  • Every page of your site must have its own title, representative of its content.
  • Of course, every page of your site must have a title… 🙂
  • Avoid the lists of words separated by commas: write a real sentence.
  • Don’t begin your title by a space.
  • HTML code: <title>Your title</title>
  • In the HTML code, place the title as high as possible (close to the <HEAD> tag).