Where’s my 3G gone?

As i wrote this article all XL 3G related users in Bali might have been experiencing speed decreasing from 3G to GPRS only, too bad indeed but in Indonesia i think all telecommunications company believe that the only constant in the world is change, so they keep change things like a wild atom, as reported in cosa’s blog that there is an alternative for affordable unlimited internet in Indonesia, cosa mentions in his blog that Ceria by PT. Sampoerna Telekom Indonesia (is this the same Sampoerna that produced ciggaretes ? yes it is 🙂 ) can provide such cheap service for only Rp.100,000 and there are also two other packages which are 30 hours package (available for Rp .30,000) and 60 hours package (available for Rp.60,000).
All packages valid only for 30 days.

What it takes ?
1.Rp. 600,000 for a CDMA handset (Huawei ETS2058) + USB data cable + driver
2.Rp.100,000 prepaid voucher for unlimited internet
Cost you in total of 700 to 800 thousands rupiah

What it stakes ?
Ceria Internet is running on chanell 450 mhz CDMA which unsuall compare to its counterparts that mostly available in 800 or 1900 Mhz, so there is a change that your handset will end up at recycle bin as soon as the company decided to change the CDMA chanell because some guys in Telkom want to change the game rules (it happened and it will happen again )

Rabbit or turtle ?
Cosa has tested and put a speed test screen captured :

  • download:130 kb
  • upload:6kb

Thanks to Cosa for enlightment to us since Sampoerna it self seems doing nothing in marketing this program.