US travel warning no more

After almost 8 years US finally lift their travel warning on Indonesia as by U.S. Ambassador to Indonesia On Sunday. May 25, 2008 , but would it make more US citizen go to Bali and visit this thousand shrines island? we’re here in Bali hope so, especially after economy is down by two terrorist attacks […]

Affordable internet by Telkomsel

Guys check it out what Telkomsel has to offer to celebrate their anniversary on 13 May, 2008, this is an alternative to replace XL unlimited package by far. They offer the unlimited package for 125,000 rupiah excluding tax(Basic) that is claimed it speed up to 256 kbs well this is not bad at all. for […]

Savings Accounts

If you want to have an extra money for your retirement, vacation or for any emergencies, it is better for you to create savings accounts. And now there is also an internet savings accounts available which is make your life easier to make a transaction. Other benefit of the savings accounts is that only the […]