Warini Djanger

Hi Kris why don’t we meet at Art center today ? Pak Ary sends me an invitation to take pictures of dance performance together, so i went there , showed up late about 5 minutes the Janger was already started, stood there for a moment i finally manage to approach the stage right be side […]

island of thousand shops?

not like other tourist destination place in the world Bali’s tourism is focused in cultural tourism means that Bali offers beauty of culture, art performance that make it uniques and completely different to your Las Vegas travel for instance and the industry continues in progress for years i don’t want to sound negative about all […]

Bali festival; Geret

Pegringsingan , Karang Asem region after the ‘war’ is over Can’t quite catch the moment there in Pandan war , too many shooters around. But here are few shots of this annualy rite which is only can be seen in Tenganan village. [flickr album=72157605630477424 num=5]