Grand cremation in Ubud

The next grand event in Bali will be held Tuesday 15 July,2008 that is royal cremation from members of Puri Ubud that will be held at Ubud area, my friend told me that many processions were held throughout this week in Ubud. as reported in many newspaper this cremation will attract thousands of people because Indonesia has included this event as an international attraction, the 28 meters high Bade (a man-built construction where all the human remains will be gathered) is also prepared for this cremation or plebon that needs about 250 men to lift and carry it on their shoulder to travel about 2km to cemetary where they will burn it, i plan to go to this rare event (last big cremation was in 1979), hopefully in time cause i know it will be huge traffic jam in Ubud. i’ll post some photos of the event (if i can make it to the site!).