Cold trip to jati luwih

Last sunday i had a trip to Jati Luwih i’ve been planing this trip with my friend’s and his wife.

The area actually is not far from Denpasar to go there it will take you in approximately 2 hours.
Well Sunday morning is not always a bright sunny day and we had cloudy day , then my friend had to cancel his participation because of this, but the show must go on.

I’ve never rode to Jatiluwih before so i’d just follow the road sign along the way , and it was pouring rain as we entered City of Tabanan and it’s only 1,5 hours away to Jatiluwih and the trip could not be better when you ride a motorcycle.

Finally arrived and stopped in Jati Luwih, i wander aimelesly to this magnificent landscape of terraced rice paddy field but unfortunately i came not in the right time, they had just harvested last week, man!

below are evidence from the scene.

jatiluwih_0063 jatiluwih_0036

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