Dreamland beach

I heard about this beach along ago and people been talking about its white sandy beach and perfect sunset but there is always something to keep me occupied but i finally decide to pay a visit to prove the story.

Dreamland beach is actually not too far from where i live in Denpasar to south direction Uluwatu and 3 Km before Uluwatu Beach you’ll find big entrance to what supposed to private property of Indonesia 2nd president family.

dreamland3 dreamland11

As i ride my Honda to up and down hill road accompanied by my 2 friends, finally i made to the beach entrance.” 5000 rupiah sir “.. an officer in security attire ask for entrance fee to the beach, i believe it’s 10000 rupiah for 4 wheel vehicle.

To the beach! where is located bellow the cliff, white sand beach, crystal clear blue water, waves and lines of women in their bikini (some top off). it isn’t like daily bikini view in Kuta or Sanur beach tourist here are more enjoy to take their top off, and playing around the beach…it was really a soothe for a sore eyes :).

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