Telkomflash oh telkomflash

I never understand why is so difficult to find a good, affordable internet connection in Bali, i guess the situation has suffered by many people here who are still dreaming of good, affordable(cheap 🙂 ) internet connection, i moved from CBN to Telkomsel Flash i pay 385.000 to CBN and 137.000 (cheapest one) to Telkomsel Flash they both have same average speed.

At the beginning the two companies offer good internet connection speed that makes you smile for at least a month or so, but after third month you’ll get what you pay ..ha…ha..ha.. just like a marriage after the honeymoon the light vaguely dim, sorry but this is true this is a matter that can easily raise you blood pressure up to the head, for those who suffered the same don’t blow your head cos your not alone… there is always light at the end of a tunnel ( you just can’t tell how long the tunnel is..?)

Well my friend in Jakarta informs me that he has been using IM3 unlimited and it cost him only 100.000 rupiah but this is not officially launched yet he said that he got it from an event show in Jakarta.

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