I can’t drive a car

It is not mandatory in life that you can drive your own car, now i’m over 30 and i can’t drive while most of my friends are can and even have their own car but that’s okay if the time comes for me to drive i will learn how to drive.

For most people owning a car is like necessity in life and some are for hobby besides its value that expensive, owning a car means that you have to know more about car for example how you can replace a flat tire , what to do if your car radiator heats-up etc of course you can do some mechanics to do all the dirty works but what if you stuck in remote area with no mechanic around? you can just push your car around right?.

But for people who love cars they want to have more power, more speed, more excitement and more danger, installing a turbo kit and for comfortable ride having a power steering rack on their cars is a must . Because for them, cars are as much a personal statement of whom they are although it cost a lot amount of money.

That’s why i’m not ready for driving or owning a car, for now i’m happy with my two wheel charriot.

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