pornography bill signed

Despite all the critics and rally upon pornography bill the House of Representative finally signed / passed the bill on 30 Oct,2008, and Bali as one of few province that clearly disaggree to the bill has stated that Bali refuse to obey the law.


Kuta karnival 2008

kuta_karnival_2008_0014 kuta-karnival2008_0151 kuta-karnival2008_0015
Nothing much to say about Kuta Karnival 2008, except the hot weather and not quite a good time when another big event 1st Asian Beach Games was held in similar date [18-26 october], which i think kinda split people attention whether see the Asian Beach Games or Kuta Karnival, but above all i think Kuta Karnival is still better Festival compare to similar event measure by the events and people who come to the event. I just got back to Bali on 24 October, so i guess i miss lot of things during the Kuta Karnival and ABG, but i manage to come to see the closing parade of Kuta Karnival 2008.

Kuta Karnival 2007 photos

media is write protected

i just bought my self a media storage that i need it to store my files that filled up my laptop, i’m so excited when i received the storage but when i plugged it into my laptop and try to create a new folder it reject it say that the media is write protected, after searching a while in the net i found the solution.

  1. Open Registry Editor ( Start Menu > Run , type : Regedit, then enter/click OK)
  2. locate the following key/entry :
  3. If you see WriteProtect on the right side, double click it and in value data type 0 or delete WriteProtect or you can also delete key StorageDevicePolicies. next is to refresh (View > Refresh)
  4. unplugged the storage/ USB Flash Disk and plug in again and try to copy / write something to the disk