Waterfall in Center Bali

On my way back to Denpasar not to far from the Tukad Bangkung bridge i saw a sign to a waterfall site many of Balinese may not know or hear about Nungnung waterfall they are more familiar with Git-git waterfall. So i decide to give this a shot on this one and thought its going to be an easy trip.

Even on Sunday (i came on Sunday) this place is so quite, not too many visitors i reckon and when i arrive on the site there’s only 3 motorbikes and a car.  for those who are in good shape you wont find difficulties to reach the waterfall cause you have to walk down to hill (about 400 meters).

My personal opinion; it’s okay but not a wow place and it cost me a sore legs for 3 days 🙂

nung nung waterfall