Surf site in Bali

Bali’s southern beach waters produce exhilirating breaks, it is definitely surfing paradise, i’m not a surfer but i do visit some of these beautiful beaches that are claimed as place to enjoy wave. Kuta and Legian Beach – Soft beach breaks, perfects perfect for learning Dreamland – My favorite , beach and reef breaks for […]

Good and Cheap food

I’m not a culinary savvy but i can tell the difference between good and not so good food, as i can’t go to a fine dining restaurant not that i don’t want to but there is a limit on how much money that i have to spend a month in terms of eating 🙁All i […]

Frog Market

My field trip to Pasar Kodok { Frog Market } which is not actually a market that sells frog , this is an area in Kediri, Tabanan Regency about 50 minutes from Denpasar where group of trader established tents to sell imported attire such as jacket, suite,jeans,sweater, t-shirt, short, even bra :). According to traders […]