Good and Cheap food

I’m not a culinary savvy but i can tell the difference between good and not so good food, as i can’t go to a fine dining restaurant not that i don’t want to but there is a limit on how much money that i have to spend a month in terms of eating 🙁All i want to say is there are decent affordable place in Denpasar that serve good food {by my standard of course}, ‘Warung Cak Asmo’ is worth to visit and no wonder this place is always pack,besides of its taste and very reasonable this warung is quite clean and nice.array of Chinese food are serve here, amongst them are cap cay, siomay, cah kangkung, seafood and chicken cuisine.
and to end the happy day i got this cool Es Campur Tidar…

2 nasi putih (rice) + cah kangkung+ ayam kecap + siomay + Es Kacang Ijo + Es Campur Tidar = 36.500 rupiah ….i’m a very happy man 🙂 !