Warung Krishna Sanur

for a food stall that not in main road Warung Krishna is quite famous, some expatriate or tourists also can bee seen having lunch or breakfast this warung.The dishes are affordable indeed and the good thing that this place is cool and shady where people can relax enjoying their meal.
Inside Warung Krishna

Lunch at Warung Krishna

Warung Krishna which is located on Kutat Lestari street(Sanur) has great local dishes like nasi campur Bali,  bubur ayam, tipat kuah
Un-professionally Shot of nasi campur
Un-professionally Shot of nasi campur

Padang padang beach

Saturday travel again, at last! let’s go to the beach

Padang-padang beach Bali is not too big sandy white sea side, but it’s beautiful by my standard. the location is not far from Dreamland beach, you just have to locate Labuan Sait street (people also call this beach Labuan Sait beach) and follow the road . You can see the sign on the road side and the beach also visible from the bridge.
Activities: Surfing, Swimming, Sun tanning , Fishing (i’m not really ‘catch’ what people are doing with their fishing gear) Continue reading “Padang padang beach”