The Discovery of a Temple in Denpasar

Since last week, the National Archaeological excavations at the site Denpasar do tertimbunnya temple from hundreds of years ago. Its location on Jalan Trengguli Gang IV D, Denpasar, precisely in pasraman (pesantren Hindus) Ida Resi Bhujangga Wisnawa Ganda Kusuma in Banjar Saba, Village Penatih, Denpasar.

The discovery of this temple began in late September, when five local people were digging the ground to create a water catchment. When the excavation reached a depth of one meter, the diggers discovered padas stone size 40 x 40 cm lined along the 1 to 1.1 meters.

Until now, a team from the Institute of Archaeology Denpasar has managed to lift 22 stone with a length of 120 feet with a width of 40 x 40 centimeters. looks like a beam with fringe arranged neatly.

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