Choosing the Best Chat Software Chatting Tool – Chatwing

Picking a good chatting tool to embed to a site is an important decision for any site owner, as that chatting tool can either be beneficial or disadvantageous to the site itself. The chatting tool must have the right functions and must be easy for the viewers to use. One such chatting tool is a chat widget called Chatwing. And simply put, this is the last chatting tool the site owners will ever need.

The chat app can be embedded into almost any site and the process literally takes less than a minute. Once live, it’ll provide the site chatting capabilities, making communication between the site owner and his viewers much easier, faster and more efficient. This can be done with the other chatting tools too, however, Chatwing has features that can further augment its ability to provide live chat.


One of these features is its log-in interface. It features a social media integration capacity that makes use of the chatters’ social media accounts as its methods of joining in. Currently it allows Facebook, Twitter, Google and Yahoo accounts but the chatters can also use a Chatwing account or join anonymously as Guests. Making use of the social media accounts can do the user a lot of good as he can track the movement of traffic much easier. He can determine which chatter is new and which one is a frequent visitor.


Modifying the chatroom is another perk the user has with Chatwing. He can tinker with its appearance in detail and make it more suitable for his site or whatever his preferences are. The customization feature also allows videos and images to be viewable while inside the chat app, which is another added bonus. This makes chatting not only more engaging, but more entertaining as well.

Chatwing still has a lot of features that can greatly support the site in giving the best customer service. If managed properly, not only will the site be a place where one can chat easily, but also a place where one can surely get reliable information from the site owner himself. It’s definitely one of those tools, site owners would love to have.