Bali property price keep on raising

I’ve been living in Bali especially Denpasar and area surround for almost 17 years now, and i see how this town has evolved to one crowded city.
Stores, malls, houses, buildings cars and motor cycles seem more and more dense this city. And now its just no way for me to get piece of property that suit my wallet here in Denpasar, even in Tabanan, the property price is keep on raising, and i got this feeling that its unstoppable. i notice one area in Tabanan that cost you 75 million rupiah 5 years ago, now its above 250 million, wow that’s quite a lot of jump.
Despite banking policies tightening for financing residential properties the demand continues to rise, while public housing has come under great pressure with more retail and tourism development, yeah now villas and apartments likely spread all around the Island.