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  • Nyepi is coming, No TV and Radio broadcasts

    Bali broadcasters appeared to be formally encouraged to stop all broadcasts for Nyepi ( Balinese New Year 1936 ) which falls on March 31 . All radio and television transmissions is going to stop from March 31 at 6pm to April 1 at 6pm . The correspondence was from the Indonesian Broadcasting Commission ( KPID ) Bali and was sent to network tv as well as subscription and cable television . The commission said transmit will not likely be involved outside of Bali .

  • Is there ogoh-ogoh parade this year?

    Argument continues to be voiced that classical celebrations before Nyepi just might be taken advantage of for political purposes this year.

    Ogoh Ogoh Denpasar


    a number of people making ogoh-ogoh  (hugh papier mache effigies)  in form of political figures who in corruption or sexual scandals.