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  • long time no see musician friend

    I’ve met a longtime no see friend the other day, we know each other back then in the old days, my friend is a musician and i can tell that he loves to talk about music in about an hour of our conversation in a small cafe when the rain is heavy outside, never change, that’s my impression, i think he’s born to be musician, he’s very enthusiast when it comes to tell his story about his guitar, how he has a very good guitar, compare to our old band guitar back into those days, hahah, his seems to in love with his guitar and he also told about how he buy guitar machine heads over the internet that very fun experience for him, i listen very carefully to his story and of course we talk about our family and so on, until the rain is over and we finally go.

  • Greeting card printing

    Christmas will soon arrive, like every one in the world who celebrate of course you’re looking for all Christmas short text messages for you to give to relatives, loved one or for your best friend. Since the dawn of short message and internet technology people who live in the city who have access to these technology has been moving from old card greeting to mobile etc.
    So what happen to the old greeting card printing business’ , is they parish as not too many people use it anymore, perhaps not completely right , printing media and hardware are also move along , now we can print our greeting card more fast and easy with all these new printing system available nowadays. and some people is still love to pass their love and affection of x-mast spirit via good old Christmas card.

  • music – acoustic guitar

    Maybe you are a beginner looking for your first acoustic guitar, and frequent asked questions that many people who want to buy an acoustic guitar are. Which guitar is better ? how much is it? I am sure, you want an acoustic guitar is the most flattering and comfortable to use. But if the price is exorbitant course you do not want it?
    Well, few tips in buying your first acoustic guitar as what we need.
    Determine the price range you want to buy a guitar.
    Note the guitar strings that will be used.
    Determine form all parts of the acoustic guitar you want comfortable with your body.
    Listen carefully guitar sound when you try.
    Thorough again to check all parts of the acoustic guitar
    One great of many guitar acoustic that you can buy is epiphone acoustic guitar at m123, epiphone acoustic guitar is very good in shape and sounds.