corner protectors

If you have a baby around the house you should protect your baby from being hit to the edge of the table, Especially the baby is learning to crawl and walk, to avoid the small, frequent falls from bruising when collide to avoid that, there are corner protectors Made of special rubber material to shield the baby, easily installed with adhesive glue and non-toxic, suitable for square tables or other furniture types sharp angle.

Electric Fireplaces

Everyone need Warmness in cold winter night for those of you who want to have a fireplace in your villa in the mountains or your apartments but do not want to be bothered with the addition of wood and other tasks that come with traditional fireplaces, dimplex electric fireplaces should suit your choice which you can use it not only for the purpose of heating, but also as a multi-functional interior design.

fx luminaire

Structuring the interior light is very important in order to provide comfort for the occupants of the house. Good lighting should pay attention to the technical elements, aesthetics, style and color of the lights.
The light on the art of landscape architecture, other than as a source of light, the light also plays a major role in the impression and value the beauty of a room or area.
What seems ordinary and dull as the day can turn into a rich color during the dark hours of the night.
If you try to turn on the very large tree , you may consider some floodlights from fx luminaire to get even spread of light.
There’s nothing worse than ruin a good landscape lighting design by having all your light fittings look.