Calcium supplements

While our age is still young our bones are still growing, and calcium consumption can still be exploited by our bones and bones deficiency like osteoporosis is scary, makes our bones continue to weaken, become brittle and break easily.
calcium supplements are one way to prevent severe damage due to osteoporosis, but there is time that consuming calcium supplements is not good, thats when you’re old. Through a research that involve 1.400 post menopause women, which age average 74 years old, there is indication that heart attack risks more common in those taking calcium supplements, because calcium supplements increase calcium levels in blood , it triggers the formation of deposits in the arteries that cause heart attacks.

Address signs

Its true that creativity is new currency accepted everywhere, a simple idea of putting ads on address signs perhaps become an example of making money idea out of simple stuff. Address sign can be informative and promotive at the same time it simply because it placed at very front of our home. an attractive signs will lure people who take a glance on the sign, of course in implementing design and ads in a media come first to consider. Selection of materials and the type of letter is important to collaborate with size and shape of the sign itself.

Aging Process

Aging process is a natural thing to be faced by everyone. But that does not mean the aging process that should reduce the quality of our lives. If until now we are afraid to hear dementia, Alzheimer’s, until the decline of physical agility, it’s time to change the mindset. a short simple trick like the one description below worth of reading
The aging process makes our skin is not as beautiful as the used to be because of wrinkles and age spot appear.
Research shows: Exposure to sunlight and smoking are the most rapidly destroys collagen. So we should avoid it, plus using a cream containing antioxidants which is self repair damage cell skins.
Enjoy a glass of green tea every day because of the high antioxidant content. Make sure your face cream also contains vitamin C and E to save the skin from free radicals. Plus do not forget to use sun block to block UVA and UVB rays that harm to the skin collagen.