island of thousand shops?

not like other tourist destination place in the world Bali’s tourism is focused in cultural tourism means that Bali offers beauty of culture, art performance that make it uniques and completely different to your Las Vegas travel for instance and the industry continues in progress for years i don’t want to sound negative about all the development on going but i’m concern about business and accomodations development that sacrifice paddy rice,beaches and neglecting the Bali architectural style and local environment, if you go around city of Denpasar, Kuta, Seminyak or Sanur you can see what i’m talking about hundreds of shops stands and some of them are abundant and more shops are build. When this all end what’s left to see in Bali? shops?

Fuel oh fuel

Since fuel increase i prefer to stay at home then traveling now it’s priority for all situation no unnecessary bike riding, usually i buy fuel for my motor bike ;10,000 rupiah which will last up until 3-4 days in my daily riding activities now i just can’t wait until the third day to refuel it… fuel oh fuel why are you so cruel 🙂